About SAJR | Read the Unseen, Think the Hidden

Su Arts & Journalism Review is a publication launched by Jeremiah P Hsu, with a focus to facilitate the civil society of China.

SAJR was founded as an ad-hoc medium to convey the latest news regarding the war in Ukraine to friends of Jeremiah. Later, Jeremiah found news is nothing but a recurring history, then he had the idea of creating a review (then named 'Susu News Digest') to civilise the society. The publication, with a more focused vocation, is renamed Su Arts & Journalism Review in July 2022.

SAJR aims to use critics of literature, arts, and other forms of media to bring the idea of 'an educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people' into life. SAJR works closely with third-party authors and our editorial group to the advent of said idea.

Our Scope

Generally, SAJR is delivered as reviews of selected works with reflection and rumination on social justice and critical issues of the time. We also cater latest information on culture, fine arts and other forms of cultural conveyances.

Enquiries & Contact

For any and all enquiries, please write an email to [email protected].